Welcome to SA Country Music News Site!

Country Music in South Africa has its ups and downs over the last 20 years but still its an industry that’s having a slow growth in creating new artists and fans.

About SA Country Music News Service

This news service will take the initiative and try to bring all the role players, artists, studios, promoters and fans together by reporting on credible newsworthy stories and events. Our focus is to bring our South African Country Music fans weekly visual news articles, video and audio interviews and setup an active Country Music Directory.

How can participate?

  • Artists

We would like to build an active Country Music Artist Directory by adding anyone who sings, performs, plays country music, to be added to the directory. From beginners to semi- and professional artists in all the different country music styles is welcome to list themselves for a free interview.

  • Companies

Anyone working in the country music industry as a recording or promotional studio, band, promoter, video and sound or events company to list the company on the country music directory.

  • Fans

If you are a just a fan a loves country music and would like to be informed on a via our website or newsletter then we want, you to join as a “Fan”!

This new service will only come to be a full accredited service when everyone in the industry works together and be part of the initiative.

Please send us your input via our Contact Us page.

Director of operations.