Wall of Fame

Please note: This is not a Hall of Fame list. The rules and regulations for setting up a South African Hall of Fame is very difficult and we have decided just to setup a Wall of Fame!

We would like to honor all South Africans Country Music Artists for what they have done for the Country Music Industry over the last 100 years!


Please help us to list all our old country music stars, the well-known and the not so well-known, by sending us information, photos, audio clips or video footage where possible.

Thank you for helping us….

Artists on the “Wall of Fame” List:

  • Barbara Ray
  • Billy Forrest
  • Bobby Angel
  • Gene Rockwell
  • Caroline De Preez
  • Clive Bruce
  • Dennis East
  • Alan Ladd
  • Cora Marie
  • Joanna Field
  • Jody Wayne
  • Lance James
  • Matt Hurter
  • Sally Vaughn
  • Santa Vorster
  • John Edmond
  • Kupido
  • Virginia Lee
  • Tommy Dell
  • Tommy Oliver
  • Neen Manderson
  • Larry W Furey
  • Sean Frew
  • Gert Van Tonder
  • Deane Anthony
  • Blackie Swart
  • Manie Jackson
  • Dusty Dixon
  • Die Campbells
  • Karlien Husselman
  • Steve Ashley
  • Armand Thunder Merwe
  • Hunter Leite
  • Jj Stephens
  • Jason Bradley
  • John Masser
  • Pieter Mohr
  • Sandy Lee
  • Suzette Jacobs
  • Bernie Williams
  • Billy Beeby
  • Buddy Jooste
  • Caroline Bosch
  • Chane Valentine
  • Cheree Strydom
  • Chrissie Rossouw
  • Denise Carstens
  • Min Shaw (Thanks for adding)